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Spooky, Chic, Fall

Every year I decorate my home on most holidays depending on our travel plans on whether I go all out or keep it on the down low. I wanted this post to include budget-friendly home decor inspiration to get you into the spirit if you’re not already there. I usually keep things pretty simple around my home but it’s a fun time to do the little extra, if you want.

These fun DIY bats are my favorite addition for Halloween. They are super easy to install and elevate the space so much. I still have some spider webs and skeletons still on the way but here’s my fireplace so far!

Another easy way to get into the fall spirit are pumpkins. Pumpkins everywhere.

I recently purchased these realistic black feathered crows for Halloween and think they're the perfect spooky addition.

Here are some more chic and elegant fall items to style your home for the spooky holiday season.

Have a BOO-TIFUL rest of the week!

This post contains some affiliate links. I may make a small commission if purchased.

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