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New Beginnings

Hello Everyone! I never thought I would start a blog but here I am! I have always aspired to inspire in many forms of art ranging from painting to dancing to home decor to photography and fashion. For years, I have been dreaming up a brand that produces the types of clothes that I always wear. Clothes with an element that never goes out of style, elegance. After studying business, I set out to follow my dreams of owning my own collection that brings this style to life.

As being the founder of the company, I want to design and create products that bring you inspiration and also a sense of happiness when you wear them. You will see that each piece in the collection is something simple yet timeless and elegant.

So, where did this name come from?

This name has more than one meaning. The name represents our Simple, Versatile, Style collection and it is also mine and my husband’s monogram. He has been one of the most supportive and influential people in my life and for us it is better together. Ironically, today was also when we got engaged five years ago! And if you know me, you know how much I love anything monogrammed and I just knew this had to be the name!

Thank you for starting this journey with me and stay tuned as there is a lot more to come. Be sure to subscribe to our emails and check back when you need a little inspiration!

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