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Baby's Nursery Reveal

Our baby's nursery was one of my favorite rooms in the home to put together and decorate. I’m so excited to finally show you how it turned out and would love to hear what you think of it!

When decorating and finding different pieces for the nursery, my main goal was to have a functional, neutral space as well as one that flowed together with the rest of the home. I initially wanted to do a wallpaper on the back wall but decided that it may not be worth it since the room is going to change as the baby grows pretty quickly.

The Reveal


I made this piece of artwork for the nursery in my last month of pregnancy, I had a blank canvas laying around in the garage and saw something like it online but it seemed a bit pricey to me so I decided to create a similar piece myself! It is a special reminder everyday for the baby. I have linked some similar options below.

Natural Light

This is one of my favorite spaces in the house because of all the natural light that comes in. It is such a calm and inviting space that the baby can play in.

Baby Dresser & Organization

The different size dresser organizers made it so much easier to put the items the way I wanted to.

Of course, the way the dresser is organized will evolve over time and as the baby grows.

  1. Baby wipes, diapers, mittens, socks

  2. Baby care, sound machine, pacifiers, diaper creams, washcloths, thermometer, teethers

  3. Baby loveys, swaddles, hats, Onesies

  4. Bibs, Onesies, pants

  5. Trash bags, baby towels, Velcro swaddles

  6. Baby blankets, spare crib sheets

We also placed a diaper caddy on top of the dresser to keep baby’s essentials organized and to easily access the items that are often used everyday. You can also carry this caddy to different places of the home or even in the car when needed. I would highly recommend making a few of these around the house for easy access!

I hope you all love this space as much as I do & maybe it even gives you a little inspiration for a current or future nursery in your home!

^^ One for the books ^^

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1 Comment

Miranda Ailleen
Miranda Ailleen
Mar 29, 2023

I missed working with you! I’m glad your looking beautiful and glowing! Congratulations on your bundle of joy! and definitely love the nursery. -Miranda O. 😊☺️

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